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The Feldenkrais Method®® is an amazing resource for performers, therapeutic health practitioners, and athletes who are trying to maintain their health and improve their abilities. Using the Feldenkrais Method® has the potential to bring about significant changes by improving the efficiency of your communications within your self. If you are more efficient, your whole body works better. You can play faster and more accurately, you can perform your therapeutic movements more easily, you can breathe more easily, you can jump higher, spin more precisely, aim better, and throw farther. You have more freedom to perform every action.

Learning about yourself with the Feldenkrais Method® can bring many changes:

• Less pain • Improved range of motion
• Greater ease and comfort • More energy and vitality
• Increased creativity • Better breathing
• Better balance • Greater cognitive abilities
• Integration of newly discovered options into your range of interaction in life • Improved skills in understanding, developing, and working with relationships, both analytical and personal

Click to read what changes Dr. Feldenkrais said you can expect:

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I have found that those of us who perform our work with our bodies, whether as athletes, musicians, health care therapists, dancers, singers, or in any other form of expression, have unique needs which must be addressed when we introduce changes to the habits our performances depend on. A performer needs time, individual attention, and patience to learn about the personal idiosyncrasies which make them distinctive. These idiosyncrasies must be addressed with care and cooperative effort. They must adjust to newly discovered efficiencies without losing the control and stability they provide.

Your ability to perform anything can improve.

For that reason I have developed a modified style of Feldenkrais session for Performers.
Please learn more about it on these pages.

“He was amazing.”
– Ana M., Rehabilitation Specialist

David Rowland
Guild Authorized
Feldenkrais Teacher® and
Tomatis Practitioner®
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